Sounds of Solidarity: A Concert for a Cause

Due to the consecutive major earthquakes that occurred, millions of people’s lives have been turned upside down in Turkey and Syria. Many humanitarian crises are still ongoing in the region and unfortunately, many people still need help. The region’s population is facing a difficult and long process. We are faced with a huge set of problems that need to be solved, from providing a meal to millions of children’s education. This is a marathon and humanity will be put to the test in this marathon.

Solidarity Ensemble Studio Baris Guney/ Solidarity Ensemble Sound Engineer Mesut Gunes

As Sounds of Solidarity, we have taken action to draw attention to this humanitarian crisis on an international level and to raise funds regularly. The team consisting of Turkish professionals and individuals involved in cultural arts in England were joined by the London/Communion team for a very special occasion, and we organize a very special charity concert in London together to support active aid projects operating in earthquake-stricken areas.

On Saturday evening, April 15th, 2023, we are planning a solidarity concert at Royal Albert Hall in London where many surprise global celebrities will perform together on stage. By purchasing tickets whose entire proceeds will be donated to the earthquake-stricken area, you can not only enjoy a music-filled night but also have the opportunity to support those affected by the disaster.

Let’s come together to make a positive impact for the victims of earthquake in Turkey and Syria.