Solidarity Ensemble

Mesopotamia has witnessed many destructions and upheavals throughout history as the cradle of civilisation but has managed to rise from its ashes every time. To pay respect to the region’s cultural heritage and support those in need, the skilled musicians of Solidarity Ensemble are preparing to take the stage at Royal Albert Hall. The ensemble will revive the ancient melodies of the region using traditional instruments such as the kopuz, bağlama, ney, kanun, and bendir. With the addition of three talented female artists who will lend their voices to the ancient melodies sung in the region’s ancient languages, audiences will be transported back in time. The Solidarity Ensemble wants to bring attention to Anatolia’s long history and help people hurt by recent earthquakes through its music. They’re assembling for solidarity on April 15th.


Cigdem Aslan

Dila Vardar

Djanan Turan

Suna Alan


Erdal Yapici

(10-string Baglama, Kopuz, Guitar)

Levent Canen

(Baglama, Bass)

Maya Youssef


Serkan Cakmak


Suat Karakus


Tahir Palali

(Tembur, Kopuz)